Help Us Care for Sick and Injured Animals in Need

The animals we care for do not always come to us healthy. Some animals are sick or injured when they reach our doors. Some of the medical issues our cats and dogs are treated for include, but not limited to, Conjunctivitis, Cherry Eye, Demodectic Mange, Heartworm, Pregnancy, and Food Allergies. We do our best to make sure every animal adopted from the Humane Society of Morgan County leaves healthy and happy.

We have many animals currently receiving medical care for issues outside of the normal spay/neuter and vaccine costs.  Please consider donating to this fund today and use the “add special instructions…” to designate this donation for the Sick and Injured Fund.

Sick and Injured Animals Fund in 2016

Here are just a few of our animals that have been helped. Your donations are always appreciated.  If it weren’t for you we would not be able to rescue, rehabilitate and re home the number of animals we do.  Thank you!!


Adopted – October 2016

Tink is a Coton de Tulear.  She came into our rescue morbidly obese weighing 25 lbs!!  She has since lost half that weight and is back to a healthy size.  She requires daily medication for anxiety issues but is an overall playful and loving dog.  She is still available for adoption to an adult family without children.  You can by clicking Adopt A Dog


Adopted – January 2016

Cassie is a German Shepherd Dog who arrived to our shelter with heartworm.  She underwent the “fast kill” treatment which takes about 4 months and is very stressful on the dog’s system.  Luckily she had a great foster family who eventually adopted her once her treatment was completed and she was officially free from heartworm.


Available for Adoption

Ivy is a sweet little mix breed we are still unable to determine.  She developed “Demodectic Mange” while a resident of the shelter.  This is a common skin disorder in young dogs under stress.  She has since overcome the itching and irritation is now awaiting her forever home.


Adopted – August 2016

Maxine arrived with chronic dry eye and Pyometra.  We had to rush her into an emergency surgery to remove her uterus due to the Pyometra.  After a long recovery, Maxine is now living in Virginia with her forever family.

Lillie Bell

Adopted – June 2016

Lillie Bell was an owner surrender because of a skin condition the family could not afford to treat.  Lillie was diagnosed with Canine Yeast Infection.  Her diet was changed to a limited ingredient kibble and her skin was treated for the yeast infection.  Although she required a little extra time to overcome her issues, she is now adopted and living with her forever family.