Sponsor an Animal

What does it mean to sponsor a rescue cat or dog?

There are many ways to sponsor an animal.  One way is to help offset the cost of our more significant medical cases.  Another is to pay toward the adoption fee for a specific animal.  We are also looking to make our animals more comfortable during their time with us with toys, beds and special supplements.  We have other dogs who would benefit from professional dog training, donors can help out by sponsoring these dogs as well.  No matter the goal, we will be providing many ways you can make an impact on our animals, on a more personal level.

Sponsorship can be a one time donation toward a specific animal or goal.  Sponsorship can also be a reoccurring donation toward a specific animal or goal such as paying for a special food for a specific dog, purchasing a regular shipment of supplements for our residents or buying dog training packages over the course of a year.  There are so many ways you can help on a more personal level.  If you have an idea which will benefit our animals, please let us know!

Please check back regularly to see how you can help!!

Sponsor Dog Training – Some of our residents require some extra training prior to adoption.  You can help them achieve an adoptable status by donating toward or sponsoring their “board and train”.

Sponsor Adoption Fee – Looking to help another family adopt their ideal furbaby?  Why not help offset their adoption fee by sponsoring a specific animal?

NuVet Supplements – Keeping your pet’s immune system strong is crucial in today’s environment. Household toxins, fertilizers, pesticides, and even many of today’s pet foods leave your pet’s immune system susceptible.  Cats and dogs with suppressed immune systems benefit greatly from this supplement by boosting thier own immune system.