Long Time Residents

Thank you for checking out or long time residents.  These cats and dogs have been available for adoption, no less than 6 months.  Some were born in our facility, others came here at just a few weeks old and others just happen to be at animal control when we were looking to rescue a few cats and dogs.

All of these furbabies have waited patiently for their perfect family all the while being passed up for whatever reason.  Please take time to learn more about these wonderful rescue pets to see if you may be their forever family.

Hello, Chanel!
Estimated DOB: 8/31/13
American Staffordshire Terrier (AmStaff)
Medium - 40+/- lbs

Howdy, Steele!
Labrador Retriever
Estimated DOB: 2/19/2014
Large - 65 lbs