A Paw-fect Match: Adopt a Pet Dog

An adopted puppy or dog from Humane Society of Morgan County can not only make the perfect pet, but they can also make the perfect companion too. Any one of the animals on our adoption list will make the perfect addition to your home. Take the time to stop by and talk to one of our trained adoption counselors and find out how you could give one of our dogs or puppies the gift of a new home.  Unless otherwise specified, all of our dogs are indoor pets and not adopted out as outdoor only or tied out dogs.  Further questions can be addressed by emailing us at info@humanemorgan.org


~ Mix Breed Dogs ~

* 0-12 Months = $200

* 1 -3 Years = $175

* 3-8 Years = $150

* Over 8 Years = $100

~ Purebred & Designer Breed Dogs ~

* 0-12 Months = $375

* 1-3 Years = $350

* 3-8 Years = $275

* Over 8 Years = $150

~ Medical & Special Needs ~

We have rescued dogs and cats which

require additional medical care or that

have special needs which are not life

threatening.  In these cases we may

require a higher fee to help recoup

the costs of their care while at our rescue.