Dog Training


Whether you are a new dog owner or a long time dog owner, all of us can benefit from working with a trainer at some point.  Although we like to think that our dog's unwanted behaviors are due entirely to the dog, nearly all unwanted behaviors are a direct result of the owner.  This doesn't mean you are a bad owner, even some of the best dog trainers slip up and create behaviors in their dogs which tend to be frowned upon.  If you are looking for "puppy kindergarten", basic obeidience, advanced obeidience, search and rescue, Canine Good Citizen, behavior modification or any other type of training, check out some of the links provided to start your search.

The links are provided to help you in your search for a trainer, we do not endorse any of the trainers or their methods as we have not dealt with them directly.  When looking for a trainer be sure to interview them prior to hiring them.  Most trainers will do a consultation with you and your dog prior to establishing a training program.

Know what you goals are with respect to training.  The trainer will always ask this question so it is best to already know the answer when speaking with the trainer.

How much are able to spend per session or as a package?  The average trainer charges no less than $50 per hour, privately.  Some will charge less for group classes or provide a discount when paid in full.  There are many types of training formats and techniques available.  A trainer's experience and techniques may differ greatly from another.  Learn about the differnt styles and inform the trainer what you would be opening to learning more about, hands on.  Not all styles and techniques work for all dogs or owners.

Board and training is an option with many of the training facilities and even some private trainers provide this option as well.  During a board and train, the animal resides at the facility or trainer's home where they are given personal attention and training sessions throughout the day.  This is great for owners who are wanting a foundation for their new dog or have a dog which requires behavior modification trainer beyond the skill of the owner.  In any case, the trainer will work with the dog during the board and train then work with the owner to make sure they can continue the work at home.

There are many things you can work on at home to help keep your pup from getting into trouble as well.  Dogs need to exercise the brain just as much as the body. Simple mind, or brain, games can help to stimulate their intelligence and exhaust them at the same time.  Incorporating different types of mind games along with what I like to call "household" manners into your everday routine, you will begin to see a huge improvement in your dog's overall behavior and social skills.

Regardless of the reason, a professional trainer can really help you to improve the life of your dog and your family.


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