Are you a kill shelter?

- No. We are a non-profit rescue organization and a no-kill shelter.  We pull the majority of our animals from high kill shelters. We do take owner surrenders on a limited basis, but helping the dogs and cats at surrounding animal control facilities are our first priority.

How long do most animals stay here before being adopted?

- It is hard to say how long an animal will be here before adopting. Puppies and kittens are usually adopted fairly quickly, staying here a month or two at most. Adult dogs and cats often stay here for several months before being adopted. All of our animals will stay with us until their forever home comes along. We have had animals for over a year before.

All animals coming into our care are required to go through an "intake" process prior to being made available to the public for adoption.  Some of the animals you may see posted on our Facebook page and here, are currently undergoing medical care and are not yet available.

Why can't you take strays?

- The State of Georgia does not allow any rescue to take in lost, stray, or abandoned animals. These animals must go to the Animal Control in the county they are found in.

City of Madison Animal Control - 706-342-9604

Morgan County Animal Control - 706-752-1195

Why is the adoption fee for some animals higher than others?

Adoption fees are based on age, breed and medical considerations.  Our current fee schedule is listed below.

~ Cats & Kittens ~

* 0-12 Months = $100

* 1-5 Years = $75

* Over 5 Years = $50

** Purebred cats and kittens

may be subject to special pricing

~ Mix Breed Dogs ~

* 0-12 Months = $200

* 1 -3 Years = $175

* 3-8 Years = $150

* Over 8 Years = $100

~ Purebred & Designer Breed Dogs ~

* 0-12 Months = $375

* 1-3 Years = $350

* 3-8 Years = $275

* Over 8 Years = $150

~ Medical & Special Needs ~

We have rescued dogs and cats which

require additional medical care or that

have special needs which are not life

threatening.  In these cases we may

require a higher fee to help recoup

the costs of their care while at our rescue.

~ Discounts ~

We do not offer any discounts at this time,

however we are working toward implementing

some in the future.


What does the adoption fee include?

- All animals are up to date on vaccines and dewormings, microchipped, and come with 30 days of free health insurance. Adult dogs will be heartworm negative (unless otherwise specified), and adult cats will be FeLv/FIV negative.  Some animals will require more vaccines depending on their age and amount of time they've been at the shelter.

Can I bring my dog in for a meet and greet before adopting?

- All dog vs dog meet and greets must be scheduled with one of our experienced staff or volunteer members.  Only applicants who have already been approved will be able to schedule a meet and greet for their dog(s).

When can we adopt the dog or cat we applied for?

Only applicants who have been pre-approved are authorized to adopt our cats and dogs.  All adoptions must be scheduled in order to dedicate time to ensure your adoption process goes smoothly.

Is there a trial period?

- We want adopters to be confident in their decision prior to adopting. It is very stressful on the animals to go from the shelter, to a home, and back into the shelter. We do everything in our power to help potential adopters make sure the dog/cat they have chosen is a perfect fit prior to taking them home.  We do our best to match the ideal animal with the right family.  WE do provide a 15 day return period for animals under 6 months of age and 30 day return period for animals over 6 months of age.  If the animal is returned during this period your adoption fee will be refunded via check by mail.

Why can't I meet the animals in quarantine or have information on them before their availablity date?

- Animals currently in a quarantine status are not available to the general public.  These dogs and cats are undergoing or awaiting medical, behavioral or other type of evaluation or treatment.  If and when these animals become available to the general public, we will post their info and pictures on, and our Facebook page.  Applications submitted for animals not currently available will be processed without guarantee of adoption.

Do the animals ever get out of their cages?

- Yes! All of our animals are rotated out of their kennels throughout the entire day. Exercise is very important to keep everyone happy and healthy. Our dogs often go on walks throughout the day as well as being out in the yards. If you would be interested in becoming a volunteer, you would be authorized to walk our dogs and provide much needed socialization through "doggy dates".  Please inquire by emailing