Sponsor Dog Training

Have you ever found yourself falling in love with a rescue dog to only realize their lack of obidence training or behavior issues are more than you are willing to take on?  You are not alone, however, this is one of the reasons dogs may miss the opportunity to be adopted.  Other times an owner may end up surrending a pet due to behavior issues which become more than they can handle.  We want all of our dogs to have the opportunity for a forever family, especially those dogs which exhibit common unwanted behaviors.

One of the best ways for our residents to overcome behavior issues and become better mannered is for them to take part in a "Board and Train" program.  Think of it as a doggy getaway where they get away from the stessors of the shelter environment and get some one on one attention with respect to training.  Most dogs will only require a two-week getaway, while others with more siginificant issues may require a 30-day retreat.

In order for our resident dogs to attend these board and train retreats, we need donors to help by sponsoring them.  You can donate as little as $25 toward the training or the full amount.  Donations for "Dog Training" will continually be accepted.  We will highlight those dogs in need on this page when a specific rescue dog has been designated as needing additional training.

Board and Train Fees

Two-week Getaway $500

  • Basic Obedience
  • House Manners
  • Socialization
  • Minor Behavior Modification

One Month Retreat $1,000

  • Basic Obedience
  • House Manners
  • Socialization
  • Advanced Behavior Modification

Dogs in Need of Training


Cooper is an energetic boy who needs to work on impulse control and other unwanted behaviors.  He is a total love bug but tends to impose himself on others in a way the potential adopters walk right past him.  Cooper would only require the Two-week Getaway as he responds to training quickly and requires an environment where he will be put through a “boot camp” of commands and reinforce wanted behaviors.  His training will cost $500.  We ask that you help sponsor his training so he can be ready for adoption.



Steele is a strong dog in need of a mental outlet along with exercise.  He doesn’t know what to do with himself when in his kennel and tends to jump on his door and scare potential adopters.  He is really eager to learn and would make a great companion if given the opportunity to receive structured training outside the shelter environment.  Steele would only require the Two-week Getaway in order to teach him how he can be a better boy and attract a forever family.  His training would cost $500.  We ask that you help sponsor his training to he can find his forever family.