Do you have my pet?

“That looks like my pet!”

There are times when an animal goes missing without the knowledge of the owner OR the owner is not sure how to go about finding their missing pet.  Many of the local Animal Control facilities either run their own Facebook pages or have approved a volunteer run page to help reunite displaced pets and their owners.  Since animals can travel long distances either on their own or due to being taken by car to another location, most owners are not sure where their pets may end up.  It may happen that an owner will see their missing pet posted on an Animal Control’s Facebook page after the hold period.  At this point the animal may have been adopted or pulled by a licensed rescue.  When this happens there may be little recourse for the previous owner as the animal is now legally the property of the new owner or rescue.

We do realize that things can go wrong for the owner who did all they could to prevent their animal from becoming displaced and looking for that animal when they do go missing.  Due to things out of the control of the owner, their animal may end up in a rescue outside their county or state depending on where the pet was found or surrendered.  For this reason, we have established an inquiry process to determine if we actually have your pet in our custody.  We are very thorough in our investigation into such inquiries.  Due to the sensitivity of such cases, we will not disclose any findings until the end of our investigation at which point we will provide the details as to our decision.  This process is done as a courtesy and is by no means required by any state or federal statute.

If you believe we may have your displaced pet in our custody, please submit an“Inquiry of Displaced Pet” form by email to [email protected], subject line “Displaced Pet Inquiry”.

If animal in question is not yet available for adoption, you will not be allowed to see the animal in person per our “hold period” policy.  Animals already available for adoption can be viewed at our facility during hours of operation.  We do not “give back” animals who have been surrendered to us or those which we have obtained legally by other means.  The application and inquiry process are still required.